Integral SIZE, the DEX built for DAOs and whales

Among DeFi’s most common pain points is the complexity, inefficiency, and expense incurred when trading tokens in large volume on-chain. Historically, buying ETH through a DEX, swap protocol or aggregator has lacked efficiency or cost-effectiveness – especially pertaining to large trades. 

Introducing Integral SIZE, a new DEX and DeFi primitive that executes time-weighted average price (TWAP) trades on-chain. While other on-chain exchanges are not optimized for large-volume traders, SIZE is built with DAOs and whales in mind to provide a better trading experience with zero price impact.

0 Price Impact

Instead of a traditional swap, Integral SIZE uses Uniswap v2 as a price oracle. Once an order is submitted, the protocol queries Uniswap to get spot prices over the next 30 minutes. By calculating the arithmetic-mean of these prices, the protocol uses this time-weighted average price to execute your order. All of this is done on-chain, and without needing a custom price curve.

0 Impermanent Loss

Liquidity Providers of Integral SIZE experiences mean-zero Impermanent Loss. This means that IL will be negative, making it more profitable to put assets into the pool than holding it in your wallet. In the long run, IL will converge to 0.

This is made possible with the Uniswap oracle and trade delay mechanism, which eliminates most of the frontrunning/cross-exchange arbitrageurs.

Altcoin Support

In March 2021, Integral launched its debut product, FIVE, a DEX for large orders of highly-liquid crypto assets. To this date, FIVE has served nearly $500 million worth of ETH, wBTC, stablecoin trades, with an average order size 3 times bigger than Uniswap.

However, one of the most common pain points for DeFi traders is that it is still difficult to execute large orders on-chain. Especially when trading less liquid tokens, on-chain trades are subject to high price impact and front-running. To combat this, whales may split orders up into smaller ones or move off-chain to a centralized exchange.

Therefore, SIZE was introduced with altcoin support. Its first altcoin pair, CVX-ETH was launched in April 2022, and received very positive feedback. With a flat 1 bp trading fee, traders can now enjoy price-impact-free trading of CVX, one of the most important crypto assets in the ongoing Curve Wars.

At the same time, Integral has introduced lucrative reward programs for both traders and liquidity providers, whose APR currently stays at 300%.

Who is SIZE for?

Even though the large volume orders will see the most benefit, SIZE is for everyone. You can use SIZE whether you are a long-term investor, a HODLer, a day trader, or a farmer. No need to write custom code to split large orders into small ones, execute smaller orders across venues, or worry about sandwich attacks. With one click, get a 30 minute TWAP execution for all your orders. Even better, Integral SIZE returns all of the positive slippage incurred from the trade to you.

More importantly, SIZE offers DAO a DeFi-native workflow to execute large orders. With SIZE, DAO can easily complete tasks such as:

  • Manage treasury actively through strategic acquisition of certain tokens

  • Sell gov token to fund the DAO operation without impacting the price

  • List gov token on a TWAP-supported exchange and unlock the whale audience (previously exclusive to centralized exchange)

Where can SIZE be accessed?

To begin trading on SIZE, please visit: If you want to learn more about SIZE, feel free to visit the following pages: